Whose Job Is It Anyway?



Blog follower Jay Lash sent me a funny story the other day–although I’m sure it didn’t seem funny at the time it happened.

It seems that a new Eagle Scout in Jay’s troop was about to go into the military, and his mom–the troop’s advancement chair–asked if she could pick up his certificate from the council service center so they could send a copy to his recruiter.

That was fine with the Scoutmaster, who assumed the mom would also pick up his actual badge kit. (She was the advancement chair, after all.) The mom, of course, assumed someone else would do that, perhaps when they picked up other supplies.

“We discovered the oversight about 20 minutes before the ceremony,” Jay told me. “Fortunately there was another recent Eagle Scout there early to help set up, and he graciously allowed us to borrow his ribbon for the presentation.”

Now the troop never picks up an Eagle Scout certificate without picking up the badge kit. And now you know one more mistake you should avoid when planning Eagle courts of honor.

My court of honor backdater, available in The Eagle Court of Honor Book and online, includes a column for the person responsible for each task. Filling in that column is one way to avoid problems like Jay’s troop experienced.

So what’s your favorite court-of-honor horror story? Share it in the comments section below.


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