Passing the Torch



It’s been said that we all listen to the same radio station, WII-FM—as in, “What’s In It For Me.” Even though Scouting teaches values of service and selflessness, self-absorption can easily creep in under the edges of the tent. This is especially true at Eagle courts of honor, where the spotlight focuses so tightly on a single individual.

That’s why I like the idea a reader named Mary submitted so much. At her son’s court of honor, her son literally passed the torch—a genuine Boy Scout flashlight, of course—to his cousin, a Tiger Cub. As he passed it, Robert charged his cousin to stay in Scouting and someday become the family’s next Eagle Scout.

Your honoree could do the same thing even if his cousin (or little brother) is not in Scouts. Perhaps he could pass the torch to his assistant senior patrol leader (if he’s SPL) or to the newest Scout in the troop. Either way, he’ll plant the idea in the entire audience that being an Eagle Scout is not just about what’s in it for me.


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