Where’s the Fire?



For his son’s court of honor, one of my readers, a guy named Gerald Funkhouser, wanted to use an indoor (artificial) campfire. He researched a number of different options that simulated fire with bright lights and fans, but nothing seemed quite right (or quite quiet enough).

Finally, he turned to a surprising option: television. Specifically, he showed a DVD of a burning fire on a 24″ TV. The TV didn’t just sit on stage, however. Gerald used fresh-cut cedar poles to create a log-cabin firelay encasing the TV. The audience couldn’t see the TV’s cabinet—just its screen. In fact, Gerald said several guests came up afterwards to see if the fire was real!

Amazon.com features a number of fireplace DVDs. Here’s a couple that have gotten good customer reviews:

Search on the words “fireplace DVD” in the Movies & TV category to find others.

The DVDs typically include ambient sound (the noise of burning logs crackling, etc.) and give you the option to loop segments indefinitely. That’s important if you don’t want the DVD jumping back to the menu in the middle of your ceremony.

I’ve also found fireplace videos on Amazon Instant Video and Netflix. If you subscribe to one of those services and have a way to show the video at your court of honor, that’s another great option for bringing the outdoors inside.

What great court of honor tips do you have? Post them in the comments section, and you could win a copy of The Eagle Court of Honor Book!


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