Show Them the Door



The large church where our troop meets has 10 entrances. (Or maybe 11; I keep losing count.) Most of these are quite a hike from the chapel where we hold our Eagle courts of honor—a hike and a half if, as sometimes happens, you get lost along the way.

The doors pose no problems for troop families, but guests are another story. And guests—extended family, school friends, favorite teachers and coaches, etc.—make up a large portion of most court of honor audiences. That’s why it’s important to make it easy for guests to find your court of honor—to show them the door, in other words.

There are lots of ways to do this: red, white, and blue balloons at the correct entrance, uniformed Scouts to guide the way, directional signs along the path from the main entrance to the court of honor location.

The guidance can start with your invitations. Instead of just saying that the court of honor will be held at a given church, for example, include the street address and indicate whether the ceremony will be held in the sanctuary, chapel, or fellowship hall.

Your guests may not show their appreciation when you show them the door, but at least they’ll show up on time.


One thought on “Show Them the Door

  1. Stacia

    These are excellent ideas! Thanks for writing about this.

    Also, organizers should consider that some attendees might be “unchurched” or of a different religion and therefore, the terms sanctuary, chapel, and fellowship hall might not conjure up meaningful images for them. Thus, it can be helpful to add a description, such as “enter the largest door on the north side” or some other visual and/or directional cue.

    Another idea would be to insert a small drawing of the footprint of the building and nearby streets, with marks for the recommended entry points and locations within the building.

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