To Have and to Hold



Christmas is coming, a time when many young people will be end up sitting on floors piled high with gifts (followed, in short order, by parents sitting at desks piled high with bills).

The floor is a great place for kids to sit on Christmas morning. Otherwise, they don’t have any place to set one gift while they open another.

Which brings us to Eagle Scout courts of honor.

A central part of any Eagle court of honor is the handing of stuff to the new Eagle. He gets his medal pinned to his shirt, of course, and perhaps a neckerchief draped around his neck, but all his other mementos—certificates, letters, plaques, belt buckles, etc.—are handed to him during the ceremony.

So what’s a guy to do with all that stuff? Hopefully, if you’ve planned ahead sufficiently, there will be a small table strategically placed nearby. As recognition items are handed to the honoree, he can set them on the table, leaving himself free to accept congratulatory handshakes, hugs, or simply more recognition items.



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