Invite People to the Right Court of Honor



Invitations are important things. They not only give basic information about an event–location, date, time, etc.–but they set expectations. A wedding planner once told me, “When the invitation is received, it lets people know what type of event they’re going to.” Based on the location of the event and the style of the invitation, they know whether to dress up or dress down, act up or act right.

As you work on invitations for your next Eagle court of honor, then, you should think about how the invitations match the ceremony you’re planning. In other words, do your invitations invite people to the right ceremony?

I thought about this question a few years back when one of our new Eagle Scout parents came across just the right invitations for his son’s court of honor. Ordered online from Lynn Card Company, these invitations featured a soaring eagle with the famous passage from the Book of Isaiah about faithful people “mounting up with wings like eagles.” These invitations were perfect because that passage–and several other Scripture passages–were central to the ceremony. (You can find that design here.)

When I visited the Lynn Card Company site, I found another invitation design that be perfect for a court of honor with more of a patriotic than religious flavor. It shows a bald eagle’s head superimposed over a billowing American flag. (You can find that design here.)

As that wedding planner might say, either of these cards would tell people exactly what type of event they would be attending.


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