A High-flying Court-of-Honor Setting



You could hold your next court of honor in the school cafeteria or the basement of the church, but you might not want to after you hear Linda Staff’s story. Several years ago Linda’s son Sean received his Eagle badge (at his request) in the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida. The ceremony took place in a large room with four Blue Angels planes “flying” overhead in formation—something you don’t find at many courts of honor!

But the highlight of the ceremony came when a friend from school played the National Anthem on his trumpet. As Linda explained to me, “I was so amazed, but everyone in this huge museum went totally silent. You could have heard a pin drop. It truly was awesome and so special for all of us.” Oh yes, and the museum didn’t even charge for the room.

Now, you probably don’t live anywhere near Pensacola, but wherever you live, there are great court-of-honor locations down the street or around the corner. Take a look around your community, and you may well find a location as great as the one the Staffs found.

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