The Perfect Gift at the Perfect Price



Many new Eagle Scouts—or their parents at least—like to buy thank-you gifts for Scout leaders who have made a difference along the trail to Eagle. Similarly, many people who attend Eagle courts of honor like to bring along a Scouting-related gift. is full of gift ideas to fit any budget, but it’s not the only source for great gifts.

My favorite source: eBay. As I write this post, eBay has just over 158,000 items for sale in its Boy Scout category. Most of those items are patches, but there are also thousands of pins, posters, flags, uniforms, mess kits, and books.

Rather than page through 158,000 listings, I recommend that you start in the Scout book category, which lists “only” 6,800 items. There you can find some great bargains on vintage Scout handbooks, Scout fiction titles, and other books that many Scouts and Scouters would love to have. Here are a few examples from auctions I found that were about to end with no bids (meaning you could probably win with the minimum bid):

  • 1947 Handbook for Scoutmasters ($4.99; shown above)
  • The Banner Boy Scouts Snow Bound ($9.50)
  • 1948 Handbook for Boys ($9.99)
  • 1958 Fieldbook ($7.99)

Of course, you have to wait for auctions to end to purchase some items, but others have (somewhat inflated) “buy it now” prices that may be just the ticket if your court of honor is coming up soon. And while you’re visiting eBay, pick up a bargain book for yourself, such as 1937’s The National and World Jamborees in Pictures ($29.99). If you’ve played any role in getting a young man to the Eagle Scout rank, you’ve earned a reward!

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