Eagle Courts of Honor Are for the Birds



Back in my district executive days, my roundtable commissioner had a great saying: “If it’s not for the boys, it’s for the birds.” Whenever Scouters started complaining about how the council was spending money or who had received the District Award of Merit, Dan would use that saying to remind everybody that none of those petty details mattered as long as boys were benefiting from Scouting.

Dan’s saying is especially apropos when it comes to the Eagle court of honor. Your honoree should be the center of attention, and the spotlight should rarely stray from him.

At one court of honor, for example, I watched as the master of ceremonies introduced a parade of presenters, describing each man’s tenure in Scouting and detailing all the things he had done over the years. These introductions were interesting and impressive—but they were also totally out of place.

Remember: if it’s not for the Eagle, it’s for the birds.


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