For Crying Out Loud



I’m writing this post in an airport gate area as a toddler and a preschooler melt down a few seats away. I feel their pain; airports can make me grumpy, too.

At an airport, a fussy toddler or crying baby is just one noise among many. At an Eagle court of honor, he or she can be a major distraction. A great way to avoid such distractions is to offer babysitting. Recruit a few volunteers to babysit and include a note like this in your invitations: “Nursery services are available, so please support our wonderful volunteers who are ready to assist you and your young children.”

Where could your volunteers come from? Check first with your Scouts’ sisters. You may well find a few girls who babysit already, who have completed the American Red Cross’s Babysitter’s Training Course, and would be “like totally bored” sitting through a Scout ceremony.

If you’re holding the court of honor at a place of worship, check with the folks who run the nursery for other ideas. They may well have a cadre of babysitters that you could enlist.

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