Facts and Filmstrips



Believe it or not, YouTube is good for more than cat videos!

In planning a session on the patrol method that I’ll be teaching at the Philmont Training Center next week, I came across a gem: a YouTube version of a 1978 BSA filmstrip called “The Patrol Method.” Some Scouting history buff recorded the filmstrip and its cassette-tape narration (beeps and all) and posted it to YouTube several years back.

The funny thing is that I remember watching this filmstrip at Camp Tallaha sometime in the mid-1980s. (I was either a junior assistant Scoutmaster at the time or perhaps early in my tenure as an adult leader.) When I watched the filmstrip again the other day, I focused first on the nostalgia and the production’s almost laughable simplicity. But then I realized it’s one of the best illustrations of the Scoutmaster’s role in the patrol method that I’ve ever seen.

Watch the video and see if you don’t agree. Then, ask yourself whether you’d like to be more like Scoutmaster Ben or Scoutmaster Rob.


2 thoughts on “Facts and Filmstrips

  1. Allan Green

    I am planning to use this video, along with short passages from BP and Green Bar Bill, to teach new leaders in our district sometime this fall. I also have an exercise planned for using a training session on cooking as a training session for patrol leadership. I expect that my material on adults as coaches and not field commanders will produce some interesting discussions.

    I wonder, is this film just one in a series of films that made up scoutmaster training back then? Do you think there are more such presentations, rough as they are, that could be of benefit in teaching new adults leaders the Patrol Method? In the leadership training sessions I have sat through, the Patrol Method is rushed over, and the importance of it is not really emphasized.

    It is really funny to read some of Green Bar Bill’s articles in Scouting magazine from the 1930’s and 1940’s. He brings up arguments he had heard about how the Patrol Method is fine and all, but it cannot work in our troop because… I hear an echo of that when I discuss the subject.

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