Very Important Presenters



I had an interesting email from a reader of The Eagle Court of Honor Book recently. She was planning her son’s Eagle court of honor and was looking for a role for her uncle in the ceremony. This uncle is a World War II veteran and a survivor of the D-Day invasion.

What should he do in the ceremony? she asked. Anything he wants, I replied.

Seriously, there are certain people that you simply find a way to include in an Eagle court of honor, whether it’s the honoree’s little sister, his Eagle Scout grandfather, or his great-uncle who came ashore on D-Day. While some roles in the ceremony should go to Scouters, there are plenty of ways to involve people beyond the troop family. Anyone can read the honoree’s Scouting history, anyone can read a text like “The Legend of Eagle Mountain” from The Eagle Court of Honor Book, and anyone can present congratulatory letters the Scout has received. Other roles, like delivering the Eagle charge, would only be enhanced if the speaker has a special connection to the Scout or can speak with special authority–like a great-uncle who served in World War II.

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