Inviting Invitations



This week, I received a really clever save-the-date card for an upcoming wedding. Styled to mimic a movie poster, it showed the happy couple walking away from an explosion on a gritty urban street. (Picture James Bond, his forehead smudged and his tie askew, and you’ll get the idea.)

The card perfectly captured the couple’s sense of fun, but it did something else: it caught my attention. Rather than set it aside like a piece of junk mail, I read it and immediately put the date on my calendar—something I don’t do with most court-of-honor invitations I receive.

When you plan a court of honor, there are certain people you know will show up: family members, close friends, troop leaders, etc. But there are other people that need to be enticed. The next invitation you send out doesn’t need to look like a movie poster (although that could be fun), but it does need to catch potential guests’ attention and move them to put the date on their calendars.

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