Musical Chairs



This week, I’ll be on a mission trip with my church’s high school choir. They’re a truly great group of kids, but like any group, they can teeter between close-knit and cliquish.

If that sounds like sounds like your troop, consider playing musical chairs on your trip to summer camp or a high-adventure base (or any long trip throughout the year). The process is simple. Before you leave, create a deck of index cards representing each seat in each vehicle. Then, when you leave your starting point–and at each bathroom break or meal stop–have Scouts draw cards to determine where they’ll sit for the next leg of the journey.

They may grumble a bit, but they’ll probably also strengthen their relationship with Scouts they might not have otherwise sat with.

(Like anything else you do in your troop, by the way, you should run this idea past your youth leaders first. Don’t impose this process on your Scouts from on high.)


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