Eagle Scout Who?



One of the cool things about the Eagle Scout Award is that every Scout’s path to earning it is different. Although the requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class are highly structured, those for Star, Life, and Eagle leave plenty of room for personal preference. Even on the list of Eagle-required merit badges, Scouts can make several choices. The result of all this is that an Eagle Scout’s merit badge sash and patch blanket are nearly as unique as his fingerprints.

The same should be true of his Eagle court of honor. Even if you use an off-the-shelf script–like one of the eight included in The Eagle Court of Honor Book–it’s vital that you add enough personal flavor that the audience knows something about the honoree.

One way to do that: think of three or four words that describe your honoree and build a theme for the court of honor around them. Is he the ultimate outdoorsman or a reluctant camper? Is he a born leader or a practical joker? Did Scouting help him overcome shyness and awkwardness or did it introduce him to a lifelong hobby? Is he the first Eagle Scout in his family or the latest in a long line of Eagles?

Figure out what makes him unique, and you’ll be well on your way to crafting a ceremony that celebrates his unique journey.


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