This App is Appealing



Now that June is just around the corner, your unit’s summer plans are (I hope!) nearly complete. But what are you planning to do next summer–and the summer after that?

The BSA has recently introduced a tool to help you find the right Scout camp for your troop. Called Camp Scout!, the free iOS app lets you find Scout camps near your location–or any other location you choose. Simply enter your city and state or ZIP code and click Find Camps, and a list of camps in your vicinity pops up, sorted in order of proximity. Then, click on a camp name for directions, contact information, a list of available activities, and a description of the property. You even navigate to the camp using Apple’s Maps app.

But, wait, there’s more. Before clicking the Find Camps button, you can select from a list of 20 different activities you’d like to do at camp, ranging from ATV riding to historic trails to winter sports. Doing so¬†filters your search results to just include camps that offer the activities you’re interested in.

Since today’s Scouts are all digital natives, this seems like the perfect tool to use during your troop’s annual planning conference. As you’re brainstorming destinations, you could challenge your youth leaders to use the app to research possibilities.

While the app is a great tool for finding a new Scouting destination, it’s also a great way to find stopovers on the way to another destination. Let’s say your troop is driving to Philmont for a backpacking trek and wants to camp in Kansas along the way. Enter your tentative stopover point in the app, and you may find just the place to stay.

Click here to learn more or download the app.


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