A Token of Thanks



When I served as Scoutmaster, I always ended up carrying around a lot of paperwork. And there was one thing I never left home without: a folder of Honorary Critter certificates. Our troop’s mascot was (and is) The Critter, the bucktoothed uniformed creature of unspecified species shown above, and the Honorary Critter certificate was a handy way to say thank you to people we met on our travels. Recipients included especially patient tour guides, people who helped with roadside breakdowns, and old Scouters who took the time to share their stories with us. Having the certificates on hand let us make instant presentations and not have to worry about remembering to mail certificates when we got back home.

I thought about those certificates this week because a friend and fellow Scouter, Greg Jameson, reminded me of the free certificate generator he provides on his website, Cyberbase Trading Post. With a few mouse clicks, you select a background image, add a seal, and enter the text that should appear on your certificate. Once you’re done, the generator creates a PDF version of your certificate, suitable for framing. Here’s a sample:


Unless you travel with a portable printer, you might have a hard time printing them on the road. For ongoing recognition back home, however, they might be just the ticket to show your appreciation to people who support your unit.


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