Learning From Our Mistake



Wanting to make her son’s Eagle court of honor especially memorable, one of our troop moms decided to hire a caterer. She arranged for the caterer to arrive and set up about the time the ceremony was scheduled to begin. You can imagine her shock when she went into the reception room right after the ceremony and discovered there was no caterer and no food! (Fortunately, someone else had picked up the sheet cake from the bakery, and we were able to scrounge soft drinks from the church kitchen.)

So, where was the caterer? At another church with a similar name. This simple communications snafu guaranteed that the reception was memorable. In fact, I don’t think that mom will ever forget it!

You can draw two lessons from this cautionary tale. First, be absolutely clear that caterers, presenters, and guests know where your ceremony will be held. Specify the street address and provide maps if necessary.

Second, put people other than parents in charge of details like meeting a caterer, even if they have to skip the ceremony. If a troop committee member had been on the lookout for our phantom caterer, for example, he could have placed a phone call when nobody showed up and perhaps tracked down the food in time.

What’s the worst court-of-honor mistake you’ve committed or observed? Post your story in the comments section for the chance to win a free copy of The Eagle Court of Honor Book.


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