The Very Best Way to Find Scouting Resources Online



Like most websites, is always under construction. That means finding what you’re looking for can be an adventure. And the built-in search engine, while much improved in recent years, is still not perfect.

So how can you find what you’re looking for? Start with Google. Create a search string that includes For example, if you’re looking for the Guide to Safe Scouting, use this search string: guide to safe scouting Virtually every time, the content you’re looking for will appear at the top of the search results Google returns.

But wait; there’s more, as all those infomercials promise. In recent years, the BSA has put many of its publications online in free PDF versions. (Ironically, this tends to boost sales rather than cannibalize them.) If you know the catalog or bin number of the publication you’re looking for, use that instead. For example, you can find the Guide to Awards and Insignia by using this search string: 33066

(What’s the difference between a catalog number and a bin number? FIve- or six-digit catalog numbers generally go on items that are for sale, while bin numbers–which are hyphenated–go on free items.)


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