The Boiling Frog Theory of Leadership



When you see a parent you think would make a good leader, don’t ask him to be in charge of anything important. Instead, invite him along on a camping trip, no strings attached. Then, ask him to plan the adults’ menu for the next trip … and to coordinate the trip after that … and eventually to become assistant Scoutmaster for program. Like that mythical frog, he’ll be in boiling water before he knows it!

More importantly, however, you’ll have plenty of chances along the way to see whether he has the right stuff to be a Scout leader, and he’ll have plenty of chances to bow out gracefully if he decides Scouting isn’t a good fit for him. Chances are, his commitment to the program will grow as he stays involved, ensuring that he’ll be around to serve your troop for years to come.

(Note: the theory works with moms, too. I just couldn’t bear to write “he or she” a dozen times!)


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